Blue Star Elevator - Elevator Manufacturer In Africa

Comfort And Reliability

Reliability and User Travel Experience is the Gauge for the Quality of the Elevator. We are Striving to Achieve higher Travel Comfort Each time by Implementing the Best Technologies and Equipments.

High End Control System

This Control System has Various features Including Safe Landing, Auto Rescue device, Over Load Detection and Fire Mode.

This Features in the Control System ensures user Confidence during Break Down, Power Failures, Fire Switch Activation and also ensure Safety of User and Equipment by not allowing the Usage of Elevator in the Overload modes, Fire modes, etc

Infra Red Door Sensors

Infra Red Door Sensors check for User in Between the doors and make sure that the door is Kept open during the same and is not closed when the passenger is in between the Doors. We use High Precision Full Length Multiple Beams Door sensor to detect Smallest Objects between the Doors.

We also Provide Advanced Full Length 3D Door Sensors which ensure that the Door is kept open and is not closed upon an expected Passenger.

Roller Guide System

Traditional Systems use Sliding Guide Shoes to Keep Guiding the Lift during the Travel.

We Offer High End Spring Loaded Poly Urethane Coated Roller Guide Shoes with Sealed for life bearing ensures great Tavel Experience, Ends the Need for Lubrication of the rail Guides. Thereby reducing the Oil usage and thereby Oil Pollution.

For High Speed Elevators, The Roller Guide System is Spring Loaded to make sure that the Ride is Comfortable and vibration Free as the Knicks and Bumps are absorbed by the System and do not travel to the cabin.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Units are Optional Offering for the elevators to Infuse Air of Certain Temperature within the Elevator Cabin to improve Comfort and Travel Experience of the Passengers.

This Unit Keep the Temperature of the Elevator Cabin within a Reasonable Range and also Eliminate the Noise from the Fans used for ventilation. The Air Conditioning unit uses Special technology to Avoid Formation of Water from the Unit.