Blue Star Elevator - Elevator Manufacturer In Africa

Why Invest

Why are we Looking for Investment

We Will Scale Our Operation to have Capacity to Supply and Install 700 Units of Elevators and 100 Units of Escalators in India and Export 300 Units of Elevator and 50 Units of Escalator by 2021.

We are Looking to invest into Certain Technologies which will Create Smarter Elevators and help us drive Growth even Further.

Why Invest in Blue Star Elevators?

  • Small Company with Global Exposure and Competitive Product.

    A Competitive Product in a Fast Growing Market Provides a Great Opportunity for Rapid Growth.

  • Our Business Model Requires Less Fixed Assets.

    We have Defined our Business Model and Created a Value Chain to channel our Resources to Areas of Business which Matter the Most.

    This Business Model Requires Less Investment into Fixed assets and Most of the Financial Resources are used for working capital. The Business Model also ensures Faster Working Capital Turnover.