Blue Star Elevator - Elevator Manufacturer In Africa


Environment has been, is and always will be One of the Most Important Aspect while decision Making about our processes, Product Offerings and Packaging.

Every Process, Product and Packaging is Defined, Designed and Carefully Chosen to be efficient, Conserve Energy and ensure Recyclability.

We Understand that a Green Environment Means a Healthy Sustainable Business.

From Many Aspects that Affect the Environment, Below mentioned are the few we think have most Affect on the Environment

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process is among the Most Important Factors Affecting Environment. Inefficient Process will lead to Creation of Wastage of Resources, Man and Material and in turn Financial. Hence we ensure a efficient Manufacturing process with us and also with our vendors so as to avail lowest cost from them.

Also, Good Quality Raw Material from Trusted Vendors ensures a Quality Finished Product at the same time and energy by avoiding rejection of Components.

We ensure that the Wastage from the Manufacturing is Recyclable and is sent to the Right Paces to ensure that it is recycled properly and does not form a Part of Junk in our Natural Habitat.

Low Energy Consumption during the Life of the Product is Important, However Low Energy Consumption for the Manufacturing is Equally important so as to have low Carbon Foot Print and ensure Sustainability.

Life of the Product

Long Life of the Equipment is Important as replacing the Product Creates Waste from the Old Product and requires Energy to manufacture, Transport install New Equipment and also requires Energy to Recycle and Properly Dispose off the Old Equipment which leaves a carbon Foot Print.

The Life of the Product is defined by the Life of Each Component and How well it is Put together. Hence this aspect is taken care of during the design stage to ensure each component has a Good life Span thus knowing the product as a whole has a Good Life span. While Ensuring our Products are Energy Efficient, We also Ensure that the Products have a Long Life. This Ensures Saving of Financial Resources from the Customer Point of View.

A Good Life of the Equipment also depends on the Preventive and Breakdown Maintenance of the Equipment. We offer Various Various Types of Maintenance to Ensure Long Life of the Equipment along with Spares so as to keep High Uptime.


Repairability is One of the Most Important Aspect of the Equipment. As the Elevator is Made out of Components working in Tandem with Each other Any Part when does not work, losses its efficiency or is Damaged affects the Whole Equipment in terms of Breakdown, Efficiency Loss or Safety.

Repairability of Various Components on its lowest Level is made Possible by use of Right components. Repairability generally involves Replacement of Small Damaged Subparts of the Components. This Reduces the Cost Impact and Also ensure very less Wastage as Compared to Replacement of the Full Component.

This Aspect is Repairability is considered Right from the Design at Component Level including the Choice of Right Components.

Recycle Possibility

Recycle Possibility is Considered During Design and also during Choice of Sub parts and Component.

Recycle Possibility is Taken into consideration to ensure that when the equipment is finally dismantled at the end of its life time. Most of the Equipment could be recycled. Disposal of Non Recyclable Material is Expensive to the Owner and If the Equipment can be recycled the Owner will Generally Sell the Equipment to the Scrap Dealers for Financial Benefit and in turn the same does not end up as a waste in the environment.

Hence Choice of Right Material for Manufacturing while keeping up with the Technology and Financial Goals as been a continuous effort for us for a Sustainable Business.