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Control Panel - Electronics

Control System is the Brain, the Nervous and the Sensory System of the Elevator.

It Takes Commands, Executes and Monitors them Flawlessly. All the Calls, Movement, Safety is Controlled and Monitored by the Control System.

This involves a complex Engineering Design and Implementation of a Electrical and Electronic System Working along with Various Sensors and Actuators to create a Perfect Travel Experience.

With Digital revolution and Continuous improvement in the Control Technology we Upgrade Our Control System after a Thorough Examination and testing ensuring safety and Reliability.

There are a Lot number of Technology Put at Work, but we would like to bring to your notice a Few which we believe are worth mentioning

blue drive - variable frequency drive

Blue Drive is a Heavy Duty Variable frequency Variable Voltage Drive Designed and manufactured only for Lift Specific Application using the Latest technology in Motor Control and Semi Conductors.

This Drive is a Closed Loop Drive Capable of Driving Elevators With Precision Acceleration, Decelerations and Maintain Desired Speeds under Multiple Loading Conditions to Provide a Smooth Travel Experience Right from Start to Stop of the Elevator to give Precise Levelling at Every Floor.

Elevator Fitted with Blue Drive saves about 30% Energy as Compared to an Elevator which does not use VVF Drive. This allows huge Power saving and in turn Cost Saving in Electricity Consumption to the Owner. This also increases the life of the Equipments as there are no Jerks and the Brakes are applied only on Complete Stopping of the Elevator using Dynamic Braking.

Blue Drive also Features multiple safety Functions such as Over Current Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Abnormal Input Voltage Protection.

blue energy drive - regenerative variable frequency drive

Blue Energy Drive is a Heavy Duty Regenerative Variable frequency Variable Voltage Drive Designed and manufactured only for Lift Specific Application using the Latest technology in Motor Control and Semi Conductors to Harness the Useful Energy generated during Braking of the Elevator and also During Movement in the Direction of the Load.

Unlike the Variable Frequency Drive which heats up the resistance while Dynamic Braking, Regenerative Drive Creates Clean Power with Low Harmonic Distortions which can be used by other elevators or Can be Fed Back to the Grid.

This Drive Can be used in Place of Blue Drive in High Power Efficiency Projects to Provide higher Energy Saving.

controller - capabilities and features

Our Controller is Designed and Manufacturing using the Latest Technology and Semiconductors Available. We have made sure that the Controller is Fully Compliant with Global Standards for Elevators and includes all Capabilities and Features to ensure Safety, Reliability and Precise Control to make us a Global Player in this Industry.

Our Controller has following Features as Standard

  • Full Collective System: To Collect Passengers in Up and Down Direction of Travel
  • Direct to Floor Landing:The Elevator while Stopping Decelerates to Stop Directly at the Floor without having to Creep at a Slower Speed. This Saves waiting Time for the Passengers.
  • Safe Landing:Safe Landing ensures the Passenger in Not Stuck in the Elevator during any Failure excluding Safety failure
  • Serial Communication:The Controller Uses Serial Communication to Connect with all the Devices thereby reducing the Wiring requirement and Ensuring efficient Connectivity Between Various Components.
  • Anti - Nuisance System:It Detects for Logging of Calls to various floors with an intention to create Nuisance and automatically cancels the same so as to save time and energy.
  • Attendant Mode:This feature can be used by the Attendant of the Lift to gain control of the Movement of the Lift and Movement to the Right Floors.
  • Fire Mode:The Fire Mode can be activated during Fire to Cancel all he Calls and the Lift Moves Automatically to the Homing Floor and Does not work unless there is a hard Reset of the Fire Alarm.
  • Other Features:Other Features Include Monitoring of the various Components to Ensure they are in Working Conditions, Overspeed and Under Speed Protection, Safety Monitoring etc.


Duplex System is applicable where two lifts are next to each Other. Duplex System uses logic to dispatch nearest Lift in the Direction of the travel to collect the Passenger thereby reducing the Power Consumption and waiting Time.

Full Collective Control System with Duplex System and VVVF Drive saves upto 40% of the Energy as Compared to the Traditional Elevator and also saves waiting time for the Passengers.

group control system

This system is applicable where upto 8 Lifts are close to each other in the same Building. A separate control system is added on to the Individual Elevator Control System to communicate between all the available control Systems.

This System uses logic to dispatch nearest lift in the direction of travel to collect the waiting Passenger thereby reducing power consumption and waiting time.

destination system

Destination Dispatch System Uses Fuzzy Logic to Point the User to the Right Elevator After they have entered their Destination Floor in advance before Entering the elevator instead of the traditional system where a Call is placed after entering the Elevator to go to the destination Floor.

Destination Despatch is a add on to The Individual Elevator Control Systems. Destination Despatch optimises the use of Elevator by grouping together the user having the same Destination Floors thereby reducing Travel Time.

access control system

Access Control System Offer Restrictive Access to various Floors for the Different Types of Users with Different Rights. This System is used in case of Data Centers, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Etc where the User is Restricted to Access only the Floor to which he is Required to use or Access.

Access System Uses RFID Cards to Identify the Privileges of the user and thereafter only the call can be Placed and is Accepted by the Control System.

building management connect

Building Management Systems have Become Common in Premium Residential and Commercial Building and also in Data Centres.

We Can Provide Building Management Connect to connect The elevator To the Building Management System using Serial Communication to ensure that the Building Management System can Connect and Monitor the Elevator Equipment.


Earth Quake Detectors are a Necessity in Certain Locations for the Safety of the Man and Material in the Elevator.

EarthQuake / Seismic Detectors is an optional Add on to the Individual Control System which Safely Brings the Lift to the Homing Floor in Case of Detection of the Seismic Activity to avoid Injury to Man and Material in the Elevator.