Blue Star Elevator - Elevator Manufacturer In Africa


Innovation has been the Backbone of Success for us. Technological Innovation from Design to Delivery has proved beneficial to us and has played a major role in our Growth.

Innovation in all Aspects have been helpful for our growth however we have identified the top Factors, the Innovation in which plays a major part in Business Sustainability and Growth.

Product & Packaging

Innovation at component and the product as a whole has helped us drive growth by including the latest innovation in the Product right from the design Level until the Execution to ensure Better Product and Services.

Innovation in the packaging Industry has helped us in a Big way to deliver Products and Components without having to worry about Breakage or Damage to the Products. We have been readily Accepting and implementing the innovative Packaging Methods and Materials for speedy packaging, reducing the Weight of the Packaging and at the same time considering Reusability, Recyclability and Environmental affects of disposal of the Packaging Material.


Innovation in the Digital and the Internet Arena has helped us in a Major way to provide Seamless services to our Clients.

We have been investing in the Digital Assets to ensure Prompt Services for Preventive and Breakdown related issues.

One such Digital asset of Ours helps the equipment owners to Log breakdown Service Request or Preventive Service Request and they have Clarity and Transparency about the Services Provided to them for the Equipment. This data can be used by us and them tackle the issue creating breakdowns without misunderstanding and to ensure greater Uptime of the Equipment.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities are the Cities of tomorrow and the Innovation is at the Helm of it. We are in a process of continuous Innovation and inclusion of latest technology to be part of the smart Cities. Our Products will be a Definite Part of vertical transportation in the the Smart cities.

Smart Cities have been a Focus for Countries throughout the Globe to reduce Carbon Foot Print and to enable seamless Connectivity between Humans and Devices to ensure Better Tomorrow.


There has been a Great Technological Shift due to innovation in various Fields of Science and Technology and the Method of accomplishing any task has been affected greatly. We are adopting New Methods which are made possible due to technological innovation in Various fields.

The New and Improved Methods Bring Efficiency, Reduced Delivery Schedules, Faster and Prompt services, Reduced Wastage of Material and Man Power. This Helps us to keep Our Cost Low and Our Prices Competitive in the Market.