Blue Star Elevator - Elevator Manufacturer In Africa

Installation Expert


Blue Star Elevators has been in the Elevator Industry since 2 Decades and has Supplied to various Countries in the World. This Experience has helped us select the Right Product and Service for the Different Markets.

The Product is designed in a Way to ensure that the installation is a Quick and Easy Process. Also, the installation manual is simple and well documented.

As Our dealers or Our Clients in your Area May be in Need of a Installation Team to Install the

Elevators. You will be given a Preference for the Installation Contract for that Project.

This may also lead to having Maintenance Contract for the Elevator for a Certain Period.

We Offer Reasonable Prices and Prompt Payment for the Installation Services Provided so as to have a Win Win Partnership for Both of Us.

how to apply?

We have a Simple Form in which you need to Fill in Certain Details as asked for and Wait for a reply from our Representative.

is there a security deposit?

No, However, a Reasonable Fee will be Charged for the Registration. This Fee will be charged for availing our Online Facilities. However, You can Avail Our Online Infrastructure Facilities only for a Certain Period and on expiry of the same you will again be charged a Fee for extension of our services depending on the extension Period required.

The Fee Charged will Be Refunded By Deducting 1/10th of the Fees from the Price of Each Unit of Elevator Successfully Installed and Handed Over.

What is the Minmum Tenure?

For a Installation Expert, the Fees are Charged as per the Tenure Selected and that Decides the Tenure, Minimum being 12 Months and Maximum being 36 Months.

For More Details Kindly read the Installation Agreement.