Blue Star Elevator - Elevator Manufacturer In Africa


Blue Star Elevators has been in the Elevator Industry since 2 Decades and has Supplied to various Countries in the World. This Experience has helped us select the Right Product and Service for the Different Markets.

The Product is designed in a Way to ensure that the installation is a Quick and Easy Process. Also, the installation manual is simple and well documented.

We have Simple Cloud Based Infrastructure which ensures Quotation for all your requirement immediately on Completion of filling of the requirement which means you do not have to wait for the Quotation after you have provided all the details to us. This also means you can be at the Clients Location and provide them with an Instantaneous Quotation with your Device Connected to our System.

This Cloud System Helps you track the Progress of the Equipment from the Enquiry to the Despatch giving you clarity and Transparency about the Equipment Readiness and Expected Date of Shipment.

We Ensure Competitive Products and Pricing. Every Market is Different. However, Quality Product and Competitive Pricing is Expected Everywhere. We have Studied various Markets to understand the Needs from the product and from the Pricing Point of View. We Ensure Quality Products and Competitive Pricing throughout the Globe.

Prompt Delivery is the Essence of the Business Success. In certain Products as may be notified from Time to Time have really Short Delivery Period. This gives us an edge over our competitors.

We Offer Reasonable Margins so as to ensure the Right Price to the Customer while ensuring Profitability to the Dealer. To Know more about how the Selling Price is arrived at Kindly Read the Dealer Agreement.

how to apply?

We have a Simple Form in which you need to Fill in Certain Details as asked for and Wait for a reply from our Representative.

is there a security deposit?

We have included Security Deposit for Different Size and Areas Dealerships. Our Online Form Clearly Indicates the Amount Required to be Paid in Advance for the Same. For More Details Kindly Read the Dealer Agreement.

can i avoid security deposit?

Yes, However a Reasonable Fee will be Charged for the Registration. This Fee will be charged for availing our Online Facilities. However, You can Avail Our Online Infrastructure Facilities only for a Certain Period and on expiry of the same you will again be charged a Fee for extension of our services depending on the extension Period required.

The Fee Charged will Be Refunded By Deducting 1/10th of the Fees from the Price of Each Unit of Elevator Successfully Sold*.

Also, if a Certain Dealer Wants to Take up your Region He may be Awarded the Same in case he is willing to Pay the Security Deposit. You will be Notified about the same and a fair opportunity will be provided to Furnish the Security deposit, failing which the Region will be awarded to the interest Party. For More Details Kindly read the Dealer Agreement.


For a dealer Providing Security Deposit, The Minimum Tenure is 3 Years. As this is a Capital Good Product, we consider 3 Years is a Fair amount of time for the Dealer to understand the Market and build Relationships with the right Clients to bring about Mutual Growth. For More Details Kindly read the dealer Agreement.

For a dealer who has not paid Security deposit, the Fees are Charged as per the Tenure Selected and that Decides the Tenure, Minimum being 6 Months and Maximum being 12 Months.

For More Details Kindly read the Dealer Agreement.