Blue Star Elevator - Elevator Manufacturer In Africa

Product Offering

Product Offering is a Big Effort from us to Ensure Sustainability. Each Product has an expected Life of More than 20 Years hence it has a great impact on our Sustainability Goals.

Many Aspects of the Products from Procurement, Manufacturing, Delivery to after Sales Service affect the Sustainability Goals. We have narrowed down the Following aspects in our Product offering to be the most important drivers.


Safety of Prime Concern Right from Manufacturing, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Use of the Equipment,. Safety of Our Employees, the User, Our Suppliers and the Equipment.

The Components are Manufactured using Good Engineering Practices thereby ensuring Safety of the Manufacturing Teams.

Installation of the Lift is carried out at Heights and therefore Right Safety Gear, Tools, Tackles and equipment is used to Ensure Safe and Speedy installation. On Completion of the Installation the Installed Component is Checked Multiple times for Safe Commissioning of the Elevator thereby ensuring Man and Equipment Safety during Installation and Commissioning.

Safety is the Main feature of our Product, Multiple Checks are Conducted Each time on Multiple Components of the Equipment before the Lift Starts Movement and also During Movement of the Elevator. This Ensures No component has Failed and thereby ensures Safe Travel. Many Products also have High Degree of Redundancy built into the Equipment to ensure safety.

Multiple Safety Features are Built into the Equipment to Ensure that the User has a Safe and Smooth Travel to the desired Destination.


We Strongly believe that Quality plays the most Important Part in Brand Building. We are Always trying to Achieve the Best Quality in each category of our product Offerings.

In this fast changing Technology driven Industry we are always striving to achieve top Quality to ensure Growth and Set high Standards in this industry.

Product Quality is Achieved by first designing the Product to include High Quality Components and Setting up High Standard Requirements for Each Process and Component from the Suppliers to Ensure High Quality Product at the End.

High Quality design ensures inclusion of latest technology and new materials to ensure efficiency, Reliability, Repairability and Recyclability and thereby Sustainability of Product and Business.

We are investing in various Digital assets to ensure High Quality timely and seamless Pre Sales and After Sales Services during the Project Execution and also for the Preventive and Breakdown Maintenance Services. These Digital Assets enable us to Provide Clarity and Transparency to the Client and Suppliers and at the same time ensure communication throughout the project execution and also during after sales services. These systems help us efficiently manage our clients and provide them Quality product and Services.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is the Need of the Day. Every Process during Manufacturing and installation is executed within the company, at the suppliers and also at site to ensure Energy Efficiency.

The Product is Fitted with Various Components which Helps energy Conservation. We have replaced many Components in our products in favour of More energy efficient Components thereby increasing the total energy efficiency of the product as a Whole.

Some of Our Products are more than 50% Energy Efficient as compared to their Predecessors. This has a great impact on the Environment and thereby reduces Building Owners Energy Bills.

Energy Efficiency during Manufacturing and installation help us keep our Costs low and also helps us reduce the Environmental Impact from our Product Offering.

There has always been a significant effort towards Energy Efficiency by including latest technologies in the product at the design stage which ensures Business Sustainability.