Blue Star Elevator - Elevator Manufacturer In Africa

Partners And Suppliers

We Believe the Right and Reliable Partnership in Any industry is a Step Towards Success. Our partners, From Investors to Logistic Partners have helped us Develop Better Products, Improve On Supply Chain, Develop Digital Presence, etc.

Our Clients, being our Valued partners, Provide us Opportunities to execute and Grow in a particular Segment of Our Industry.

Sustainability of Our Partners and Suppliers is Very Important to us for a Sustainable Business. We have Identified a Few Strong Factors that Determine Sustainability in our Partners and Suppliers.

Financial Growth & Risk Mitigation

Financial Growth plays a very important role in Sustainability. Our Company has been Steadily Growing in Revenues and Profits. This Enables us to implement various Technology and develop New Products to be competitive in the Industry.

We have been taking Multiple Steps to Mitigate Risks at many Levels including Foreign Exchange Risks, Product Delivery Risks, Product Usage Risks by using Proper Channels and Methods Available to us and also by complying to and even Exceeding every Norm and standard relevant to our Products.

Our Suppliers are also Screened For the Various Risks associated with them and it is ensured that they are in compliance with all the Rules, Regulations, Norms and Standards Applicable.

Manufacturing And Packaging

Our Partners include the Manufacturer of various Components. These Partners have to have a Sustainable Business as this ensures Stability, Reliability and Long Term Relations. Our Manufacturing partners are Screened Time to Time for Manufacturing ability, Quality, Methods and Financial Stability. We also Encourage Implementation of New Technologies, Methods and using New and Modern material Suitable for our Industry.

Packaging has been Changing Drastically and we been adapting to use New Packaging Material to Reduce Weight and also reduce Non Recyclable and Non Bio degradable Material while still ensuring that the Package Holds up right upto Opening of the Package at Site.

While Most of the Packaging for Our Equipment uses some Form of Wood which is Recyclable and Bio Degradable, We are Also using Some Recycled Compressed Wooden and Paper Packing Material.

Supply Chain Management

As We are Based in Mumbai, Which is Commercial Capital of India and also Close to the Port. As Our Supply Chain includes Imports and Exports we are Ideally Located. We have Warehousing Facility Close to the Port which Ensures that all the Material can be Safely Stored at a Single Location without having to Carry out Inland Haulage which Saves us Time and Resources.

Also, Most of our Local Vendors are Located within a 50 Km Radius helping us keep a check on Quality and Delivery Schedules. Most of Our Imports are from Premium Manufacturers of Components and are Stored at the Centrally Located Warehouse for Shipment.

For Our Export Shipping we chose Containerisation Method which helps us keep the Cargo Safe until the Destination. Also, we use Best Shipping Lines as our Partners for Shipping to Various Countries Ensuring Smooth Movement of Goods, Tracking and Prompt Delivery.