Blue Star Elevator - Elevator Manufacturer In Africa


An Economical and Practical Passenger Elevator for Low Rise Residential Building. This Series of Passenger Elevators was the First Automatic Door Offering from us more than 20 Years ago and since then product has evolved by including the latest Technology available.

The Passenger Lifts are designed to Offer Superior Performance for Residential Projects with Low and Medium Traffic Conditions. The Elevators are Fitted with Simple yet refined fittings. In this series no stone is unturned to provide best in class technology at an affordable rate.

We are one of the Top Elevator Manufacturers Providing Affordable, Reliable and Advanced Passenger Elevators.

  • Available Rated Speed
    1.0 MPS
  • Max Travel Height
    30 M
  • Available Rated Capacity
    450 / 560 / 680 / 800 Kgs
  • Max Passengers
    6 / 8 / 10 / 12 Passengers

Technical Specification

  • High Performance Geared Machine
  • Power Operated Doors with Full Length Sensor
  • Full Collective Control System with Blue Drive and Duplex Ready
  • Auto Rescue Device for evacuation in Case of Power Outage
  • Overload Indicator
  • Modern Fixtures
  • Emergency Alarm / Light
  • Intercom - Between Cabin and Service Floor Lobby
  • Fire Switch
  • CCTV Camera Ready
  • Floor Announcement and Music (Optional)
  • Remote Monitoring System (Optional)


  • Safe
  • Robust
  • Advanced
  • Environment Friendly
  • Lots of Options for Interior and Fixtures
  • Backed By Blue Star CloudS
  • Guaranteed uptime of 98.0% for the First 3 Years.

Application / Ideal For / Best Suited for

  • Low Rise Residential Building - New
  • Modernisation / Changeover of the Old Manual Door elevator