Blue Star Elevator - Elevator Manufacturer In Africa


We use Various Types of Machines to Drive the Elevator depending upon the Applications.

There are Mainly Three Types of Machines used as Under

Gearless Traction Machine

High Torque Permanent Magnet Gearless Traction Machines are Highly Power Efficient Machines used to Drive Elevators. As there is no reduction gearbox these machines are Highly efficient and are Capable of Driving Heavy loads with Precision.

These machines Comes with Sealed for Life Bearings and hence are Maintenance Free. As Compared to the geared Machine the Gearless machine Alone is 30% More efficient than the geared machine.

These Machines have small Foot Print and hence enable Compact Machine Room and Machine Roomless Applications.

Geared Traction Machine

Geared traction Machines have been Driving the Elevators for Decades and have Been the Principal Driving Equipment since a Long time. These Systems are Mature and Reliable. Geared Machine have a Reduction Gearbox Coupled to a Motor.

We use Precision made High Efficiency Geared Traction Machine that are made for Long Life and Durability. High Quality Lubrication is used to Increase the Life of the Machine.

These machines are Used in Low Rise Passenger Elevators and also for Goods Elevators.

Hydraulic Units

All the Hydraulic Units are Sourced from the Best Manufacturers Globally which ensures high Quality World Class Quality and Reliability.

We Use Hole-less Hydraulic System which uses Indirect Method of Lifting. The Elevator uses Power Only During Lifting of the Equipment and is Lowered based on the Weight of the Elevator by using very low power.

Hydraulic Units can be used in Passenger, Goods and Car Elevators. Hydraulic Systems are Provided with Manual Raising and Lowering System which helps to rescue Trapped Passengers.